Thank you TD Bank for your continued support of our athletes.  


The Club

The Concordia-International Club is dedicated to Olympic Weightlifting. The club was founded in 2001 at the incentive of Mike Lipari (former Olympic athlete), Cosford White (former participant in the World Championships and Empire games) and John Margolis (Active Masters Athlete – PanAm, Nationals and World Championships).

The club aims to foster a dynamic, multi-cultural and community-oriented atmosphere. Concordia-International has as fundamental values the respect of individuals, without regard to origin, status or athletic level. All are welcome. Effort is the common denominator.

Our Purpose

The Club aims to help athletes reach excellence in an environment based on respect, work ethic and perseverance. Weightlifting is an individual sport where athletes compete with athletes in the same weight class. All are equals when facing the weight to be lifted. The sport requires concentration and perseverance.

Youths in Weighlifting

Youths are a very important concentration for the Club. They are the athletes of tomorrow and the future of Weightlifting in general. Amidst the popularity of team sports such as soccer, hockey and football, weightlifting often goes unnoticed as a possible sport for kids. In fact, many don’t think it can be a suitable option for children. Quite the opposite! We have members as young as 7 years old, training and competing. Weightlifting, being an individual sport, is perfect for entry level athletes wishing to develop their abilities at their own pace. We offer a fun, supportive and encouraging atmosphere in a safe setting with certified coaches for all levels.